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The Orthman 5|TT TRACK TILLr® is the ultimate machine for fixing tracks and ruts caused by center pivots. The TRACK TILLr® uses as entirely new set of tooling to bust up hard ruts, fill the track with soil (not residue), pack it, and feather out the soil surface up to 100” wide. Just like the time-tested dependability of all Orthman products, the TRACK TILLr® is designed to provide satisfactory results, year after year.

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The 5|TT TRACK TILLr® base unit is equipped with the guide wheel, side wall busters, and angle-adjustable rear disc gangs, but can also be equipped with the optional packer wheel and dual rear rolling baskets. For added convenience and “on-the-fly” adjustability, a hydraulic cyinder may be added to adjust the angle of the rear disc gangs with changes in field conditions while the TRACK TILLr® is being operated.
This manual is considered to be an integral component of the 5|TT TRACK TILLr® and is designed to educate the owner and/or operator(s) regarding safety, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and component identification. All personnel involved in the operation of this implement are responsible for reading and understanding entire manual content. This manual is designed to keep the operator safe and knowledgeable as well as prolong the life of the implement and maximize field efficiency. This manual should accompany the implement if it were ever to be sold.
We would like to thank you for placing your confidence in Orthman Mfg., Inc. Your 5|TT TRACK TILLr® is manufactured to meet the highest standards and is built with precision and strength to increase your agricultural operation’s dependability and profitability.

Thank you for choosing Orthman.
Orthman Manufacturing Lexington, NE 68850 USA
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