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5 TT TRACK TILLr® Operator’s Manual

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Field Operation

Transport Position

During transport, the tractor 3-point hitch should be in the fully raised position.

Field Position

Tractor 3-point hitch should be lowered to allow all implement tooling to operate as desired. Implement should run parallel with the ground surface. Make adjusments to tractor 3-point hitch accordingly. Refer to tractor operator’s manual for more information.

Implement Alignment

The implement should be centered over the pivot track while in operation. Implement guide wheels should be adjusted to run in the pivot track and will assist with keeping the implement centered over the pivot track.

Field Adjustments

Guide Wheel Depth -


Due to shipping requirements, the guide wheel’s factory setting is NOT set for operation.

The depth setting of the guide wheels determine tillage depth. Orthman recommends that the guide wheel be adjusted one hole upward, (deeper tillage direction) for optimum tillage results. To adjust, remove the two (2) bolts from the guide wheel mounting shank with 15/16” wrenches and adjust the guide wheels upward (for deeper tillage) or downward (for shallower tillage).

Side Wall Buster Disc Width

The side wall buster discs may be adjusted to run narrow or wide, depending on the width of the pivot track. The sidewall buster discs should be set to allow them to destroy the pivot track side wall and move the soil into the pivot track. To adjust, loosen the disc hanger mounts at the frame with 15/16” wrenches and slide the entire disc assembly inward (for narrower pivot tracks) or outward (for wider pivot tracks).

Track Packer Depth and Down Pressure

The track packer depth should be adjusted in conjunction with adjustment of the guide wheel. When the guide wheel is adjusted upward, the track packer should also be adjusted upward in the same manner. The track packer down pressure may be adjusted to achieve an optimum base foundation within the pivot track. Creating a solid foundation reduces the amount of soil “settling” that typically occurs during a post-tillage rain shower.

Rear Disc Gang Angle

The angle of the rear disc gangs may be adjusted when soil conditions demand more aggressive tillage. If equipped, the hydraulic angle adjustment system will allow for adjustment to be made while the implement is in operation. Standard units have a pin, that may be removed and replaced to lock in the new angle of the rear disc gangs.

Rolling Baskets Down Pressure

The dual rear rolling baskets down pressure may be adjusted to achieve an optimum tillage bed. Be sure to adjust both arms evenly. Spring tension is adjusted by loosening the jame nut at the bottom of the spring stop and tightening/loosening the tension nut with a 1 1/8” wrench.
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