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Zea Disclaimer & FAQs


Technical content is copyright Orthman and can be viewed in original form on Orthman’s website:

All content, trademarks, and copyright are the property of their respectful owner (in most cases that is Orthman). Zea created this document as a proof-of-concept to go along with this blog post:

Orthman Trademarks include:
Orthman brand name and logo


What 3D application did you use to create this project?

We used to create the 3D illustrations and embed them in the document. Head on over to for more information.
We used
to publish the manual.

How did you create the spare parts catalog?

We used .

Can you create a similar document for our company?

Yes, contact us at and we’ll start planning the project together.

How is the source data is managed?

Zea Sync processes native 3D CAD files into optimized 3D files for the web. Once processed, these new lightweight 3D files get synchronized with your Zea account on the cloud.

How lightweight are the models that get synched to Zea’s cloud platform?

Very. Zea gets compression ratios as good as 200:1. You can read about the underlying tech and Zea’s performance in the blog post, webinar, and whitepaper. All these resources are in this blog post.

Is there a sufficiently streamlined 3d file creation process to make creating it cost effective?

Absolutely, it’s fully automated. Zea Sync is like the Dropbox app you install on your computer. Zea Sync does all the work. Once configured, all you have to do is push a button. See the help article or see step 3 on page.

Can I embed the viewer in an IETM without requiring a plugin?

As long as your IETM is web-based or can host an iframe, yes. As a general rule of thumb, if you can embed a youtube video in your authoring tool, you can embed a project or a spare part catalog created with .
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